Il Romitorio

Il Romitorio

Bed & Breakfast in Modena in the city center
Charming property
Air Conditioning
Historic house
Romantic Atmosphere

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Various information

  • English speaker
  • French speaker
  • German speaker
  • Spanish speaker

House features

  • Historic house

Services of the house

  • Terrace

Location and surroundings

  • City centre
  • Panoramic view
  • Archeologic area / near monuments

Bathroom facilities

  • Monodose products

Room facilities

  • Children bed
  • TV
  • Fridge


  • Guides / maps / books available
  • Local events calendar
  • Guestbook
  • Discounts in local shops and restaurants for the guests
  • Shuttle service

Holiday themes - house features

  • Charm
  • Family
  • Business
  • Romantic atmosphere

Our rooms

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Camera Doppia

Camera Doppia

Maximum Guests: 2
Breakfast included
Private bathroom

Details Camera Doppia

We have a double room with 2 beds, TV, Wifi, fridge and a private bathroom.

Camera Tripla

Camera Tripla

Maximum Guests: 4
Breakfast included
Shared bathroom

Details Camera Tripla

Triple room for max 4 people. The room has TV, Wifi and a fridge.

Camera Quadrupla

Camera Quadrupla

Maximum Guests: 4
Breakfast included
Private bathroom
Suite Familiare

Suite Familiare

Maximum Guests: 6
Breakfast included
Private bathroom

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Pier Luigi

You will be hosted by Pier Luigi

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Area City Center

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Certificato eccellenza 8.9 su 10 Il Romitorio Certificato di eccellenza 2022

Il Romitorio

Rua Pioppa 2 Ang. Via Emilia Centro, 2 - Modena (MO) - Directions

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